Florida Basset Hounds and Dachshunds

Welcome to the home of the Happy Hounds



We are located in Southwest Florida and our" Kids" have lots of room to run and play with a kiddie pool to lay in when its really warm outside.


The pups are born in the house and for the first two weeks they stay close to us. This allows us at all hours to check on mama and her new pups.


The mama and pups are then moved to our nursery. The pups and mama are kept in sterile surroundings, air-conditioning and heat if needed. Sky-lights during the day let the sunshine in so they are not in the dark. Cameras are on so we can see what is going on with them, to avoid any and all problems. The nursery has a turn-out area so the pups get used to grass and learn to do their duty out side, this helps the new puppy parents when teaching potty training when they go to their new home. 


After the pups have had 2 shots in them, this is at 6 weeks old, they are allowed to go to our "puppy park", they run and play with their momma and have a good time while she teaches them about the doggy world. They are fun to watch as their long ears trip them up and they go head over heels. Good learning experience for them, plus it teaches them to play well with others. They are also at this time socialized with children and other dogs. If you would like to see our facilities, just email us and we can set up a day and time. Have a wonderful day and make a basset your best friend!    


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