Florida Basset Hounds and Dachshunds

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 Any questions regarding Health Certificates or Vaccinations given, you may call All Creatures Animal Hospital  at 863-773-9215 and they will be happy to answer your questions. We have used Dr. S. Hayman DVM  for many years and he has been so much help to our pups and older dogs and he is always there when we need him, we appreciate him so much, a big thank you to him and his staff. 



We raise  happy and healthy Basset Hounds and small dachshunds( smooths and wire)  We breed for health and disposition and they, like their parents, have personality plus. Our pups are socialized with small children and other dogs and they grow up in climate controled "bedrooms"with lots of soft blankets and plenty of room to move.   NO CRATES. They also spent at least 2 hours in the fresh outdoors every day to help their bodies to become strong.  We are only looking for puppy parents who would like one of the little "kids" to be a forever member of your family. 


We start worming at the age of 3 weeks and every other week there-after until they go to their new homes. All pups will have 2 puppy vaccinations at 6 weeks  and our vet will give another when they receive their Florida Health Certificate, you may call us or our vet at any time with any questions regarding the Health Certificate and the vaccinations that were given.We hold our pups 9-10 weeks instead of 8 before going to new homes, also per Florida state law we must charge sales tax on all pups for residents of Florida.  


Parents are on the premises and we are always glad to show them off. They are our 'KIDS" and very loved.


We also, on occasions have pups from different registries, check on availability and on occasion we help other breeds(poodles,ect) for families who have fallen on hardships and cannot keep their pups or dog and we help them rehome them so they may have a chance for a lovable forever home. All dogs, no matter what the breed, are special and deserved to be loved.


Thanks for visiting and look at our About Us for more pictures. Have a great day! If you have any questions about our pups please call  863-494-0081 or email


AKC Dachshund pups, adorable.


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